What are the benefits of real estate drone photography?

Real Estate Drone Photography In Murfreesboro TN is a great way to capture high-quality aerial images and video footage for your real estate listings. It can be used in both residential and commercial properties. Drone photography offers many advantages over traditional ground-level real estate photographs or video, including:

1) Capture more aerial shots – Using a drone allows you to take higher quality photos from angles that would be difficult or impossible without it. You can get up close with individual rooms on your property, show off the landscaping outside, and even survey larger areas such as golf courses.

2) Show off amenities – A professional camera mounted on a drone captures features like pools, tennis courts, or basketball courts from a whole different perspective. This unique angle will allow you to show off these features on your property from the air, and make them stand out even more in real estate listings.

3) Video SEO and drone footage – If you have a drone with the capability to take video, then it’s important that your footage is labeled for SEO purposes. This includes adding alt tags and descriptions in YouTube or Vimeo so potential buyers can use Google search to find exactly what they are looking for when browsing listings on real estate websites which support these features.

Here is an example of our work  in Murfreesboro Tn:

Using Drone and Matterport 3d together to create the perfect harmony between 3d virtual tours and video walkthroughs. We at Real 3d Connect are your one stop shop for all of your real estate photography needs.

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Real Estate Drone Photography Murfreesboro TN